About the film

A travel documentary about an expedition by a few adventurous people into the heart of the Sahara. The film overturns our preconceptions about the Sahara, as place where there is nothing but sand dunes.

You will visit the thousand-year-old oasis of Ghadames, fairly described as the pearl of the desert. You will come face to face with today’s Tuaregs and get to know the beautiful scenery of the Acacus mountains on the borders with Algeria and Niger where they live to this day.

The film will lead you into the great sand sea and plains where your only companion is the mirage, until you finally come to the centre of the Sahara, hundreds of kilometres from civilization, where you will encounter forgotten traces of paradise, from a time when the desert was still green and full of life.

Berber architecture, beautiful salt lakes in the middle of the desert, ravines, which formed the coasts of prehistoric seas, the blinding white sands of the Rebiana Desert, the stone age paintings and the ancient monuments in the north of the country are the icing on the cake.

Would you like to download the film?

The film is freely available to download in two versions. The WMV version is smaller and includes only Slovak dubbing; The DVD version also includes English, German and Russian subtitles and a gallery of beautiful photographs.

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